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Perfect Books for Fall Reading


There’s nothing like an engrossing book to read on a crisp fall day. New York Times bestselling author CATHY MAXWELL‘s latest A DATE AT THE ALTAR is the final book in Cathy’s Marrying the Duke series. The Duke of Baynton came close to the altar and finding meaningful love in the first two series books,  THE MATCH OF THE CENTURY and THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL, but now it is time for him to claim his duchess. Check out Cathy’s website to read more about this wonderful historical romance series and her other popular books.

New York Times bestselling author CARLA NEGGERS ‘s eagerly awaited new novel in the highly acclaimed Sharpe & Donovan series is on store shelves now.  LIAR’S KEY, features an FBI legend, a mysterious antiquities specialist and a brazen art thief.   Top FBI agents Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan are drawn into a complex web of blackmail, greed and murder sure to keep readers turning pages.

In late October, Carla returns to charming Swift River Valley, the setting for her equally popular series novels,  to celebrate the joy and romance of Christmas in New England.  Available in paperback for the first time, A KNIGHTS BRIDGE CHRISTMAS includes “A Christmas at Carriage Hill” as a bonus story.

Fans of historical romance author JANE BONANDER are thrilled that she has a new book out!  Her readers have been enjoying her many books recently released in ebook format but now there’s a brand new book, THE PLEASURE OF THE ROSE, the first in the MacNeil Legacy set in Scotland.   The second book, THE SCOUNDREL’S PLEASURE, will be out February 2017.

The last three books in HEATHER GRAHAM‘s Krewe of Hunter series have all been New York Times bestsellers!  DARKEST  JOURNEY is book #20 in this popular series, along with DEADLY FATE (#19) and HAUNTED DESTINY (#18.)

ANNE MATHER, well-known for her many Harlequin Presents books spanning decades, has a new full length novel available in both print and digital formats.  SILENT ECHO, set in the Scottish Highlands, is about single mother Rachel Erskine’s journey when she inherits a house from a mysterious benefactor.  A rebellious teenager daughter, the nephew of the previous owner and a handsome developer test Rachel’s courage to discover hidden truths about her inheritance.

Interested in movie reviews and political commentary?  Author MARSHALL FRANK  has a huge blog readership and it is always so interesting to read his latest posts.  His most recent book is THE WAY THINGS OUGHTA BE: The Untold Crimes Against American People.

As you can see, this fall there is something for every reader’s tastes!  Enjoy!


New Books & Reissues


Whether you’re experiencing the end of winter or the beginning of spring, you’ll enjoy reading the latest books from favorite authors CARLA NEGGERS and HEATHER GRAHAM.

ECHO LAKE is a new Swift River Valley mass market book from CARLA NEGGERS. Set against the scenic backdrop of a New England winter, ECHO LAKE is a captivating tale of family, friends and the possibility of new love. Fans of Carla’s other series, Sharpe & Donovan, will be pleased to see HARBOR ISLAND released in paperback for the first time on March 31st. Read more about both books at

COME THE MORNING is an historical reissue (the first book in the Graham Series originally written under Heather’s pen name, Shannon Drake.) Heather’s historicals are a treat to read and her readers will especially  enjoy this book. In the days when Scotland lay under siege, King David sought loyal warriors who would fight with their blood and hearts. Waryk de Graham, the greatest of these fighters, was knighted Lord Lion, but his honored position as Scottish chieftain came with a price: a Viking bride who had sworn to resist him in body and spirit.

Switching from historicals to her current paranormal suspense series, Cafferty & Quinn, Heather’s legion of readers are in for a treat with the release of the latest in this series: THE DEAD PLAY ON. Musicians are being murdered in New Orleans. But Arnie Watson apparently died by his own hand. When Tyler Anderson plays the saxophone he inherited from Arnie, a soldier and musician who died soon after his return, he believes he sees visions of his friend’s life—and death. Read more at

The only tough question is: which book to read first? I, of course, will read them all!



New Year Releases

The new year kicks off with lots of wonderful books for readers to enjoy.

UNFORGETTABLE by author JOAN JOHNSTON is now available in both ebook and trade size formats. This is a book Joan’s readers have eagerly anticipated and is both a Bitter Creek novel as well as part of her Benedict Brothers Series. The modern-day Duchess of Blackthorne is dying–and determined to make sure her five children are in loving relationships before she does. UNFORGETTABLE tells the story of the Duchess’s only daughter, Lydia Benedict, and the wounded ex-Delta sergeant, Joe Warren, who comes to her rescue–and ends up being rescued in return. Read more here.

Also new in eBook and Print is EVERY TIME I LOVE YOU, a new novel from author HEATHER GRAHAM.

THE DRAGON TAMER is JANE BONANDER‘s newest release in ebook format through Diversion Books. I’m so excited to see this book available for readers as it has been a favorite of mine since it was originally released in print. A delicious read! (Not to mention the tatoos on the hero, Dante Templeton!)

Bestselling author JOAN JOHNSTON has a popular reissue available in mass market. THE LONER is the third book in Joan’s wildly popular Bitter Creek Series.  Summer Blackthorne swore she’d never forgive Billy Coburn for running out on her and their future together. But that was before she found out she wasn’t Jackson Blackthorne’s child—Billy was.  Despite being the 17th printing of this book, THE LONER continues to be on bestseller lists and adding to the legion of readers who love this series and the wonderful characters.  Read more here.


August Reading Escapes


Lots of wonderful reading choices this month!

DECLAN’S CROSS by author CARLA NEGGERS is now available in paperback. Published first in hardcover, DECLAN’S CROSS is the third book in Carla’s popular Sharpe & Donovan series. This mass market edition includes a bonus story, ROCK POINT, a Sharpe & Donovan prequel novella!

Bestselling author JOAN JOHNSTON has a popular reissue available in mass market or ebook format. THE BAREFOOT BRIDE features newly widowed Molly Gallagher who travels from genteel Boston to the wilds of Montana. She’s searching for a safe haven for her family—and finds unexpected love.

SecretsMidnightMoon_160_FREEFREE! Historical romance author JANE BONANDER has a special promotion available until September 3. Her very first (and reader favorite!) SECRETS OF A MIDNIGHT MOON is available in ebook format. If you’re a Jane fan or haven’t yet read one of her books, here’s a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with Jane and acquire one of her newly reissued ebooks.

Continuing her popular Krewe of Hunters series, HEATHER GRAHAM offers readers a treat with THE HEXED, featuring a place of history, secrets…and witchcraft. Devin Lyle has recently returned to the Salem area, but her timing couldn’t be worse. Soon after she moved into the eighteenth-century cabin she inherited from her great-aunt Mina—her “crazy” great-aunt, who spoke to the dead—a woman was murdered nearby.

Summer Reads


Fans of HEATHER GRAHAM‘s Krewe of Hunters series will delight in the new trilogy series which kicks off with THE CURSED. Hannah O’Brien, who grew up in a haunted house in Key West and now runs it as a B and B, has always had a special ability to see a pair of resident ghosts. But when a man is murdered in the alley behind her place, she’s dismayed when his spirit appears, too, asking for help. Hannah calls her cousin Kelsey O’Brien, a member of the FBI’s Krewe of Hunters, an elite unit of paranormal investigators. The present-day case is linked to a historical mystery involving salvagers, a curse and a sunken ship. Danger and desire bring Hannah and Dallas together, but to survive, they have to solve the mysteries of the past—and stay alive long enough to solve the crimes of the present!

THE HEXED, book two in this series, will be released on July 29th followed by THE BETRAYED on Sept. 30th.

THE CABIN is a new reissue from New York Times bestselling author CARLA NEGGERS. Greed and vengeance disrupt the quiet stillness of the Adirondack mountains. Texas Ranger Jack Galway and Susanna, his wife, are trapped in the mountains and must find strength in each other if they hope to keep their family together and escape the cabin alive. Available now. Order and read more here.

THE WEDDING WAGER is an historical romance from New York Times bestselling author CATHY MAXWELL to be re-released on June 24, 2014. Headstrong Mary Gates longs to once again make the family stables the finest in England–so she bids on the famous Spender stud. The only way to pay for the beast is to marry, but her only prospect in the village is her equally headstrong neighbor and chief rival, Tye Barlow. Order your copy and read an excerpt here.


April Thrills


Even with signs of spring this month, there are still cozy moments to read and this month there are new releases sure to keep you from doing anything else but spend time with a new book! WAKING THE DEAD is bestselling author HEATHER GRAHAM‘S second hardcover book in her new Cafferty & Quinn Series. When a painting reappears after two hundred years in New Orleans, death seems to follow. This gripping tale is a RT BOOK REVIEWS Top Pick for April and not to be missed. You can order and read more here

YOU’RE NOT SAFE by MARY BURTON is the third book in her Texas Rangers SeriesOne devastating moment changed Greer Templeton’s life and ended two others.  Now, with a body body found on her property and Texas Ranger Tec Bragg on her doorstep, Greer’s nightmare has returned.  

This series just gets better and better with each book and will leave you guessing right to the last page.  Other books in the series are THE SEVENTH VICTIM and NO ESCAPE.  Order and read more here.

Check out Heather’s new book in her Krewe of Hunters paranormal series. Mary Burton‘s next romantic suspense is COVER YOUR EYES in November 2014.


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