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Arranged Regency Marriage Inspires author Cathy Maxwell

Cathy Maxwell AuthorThe April re-issue of one of Cathy Maxwell’s early Regency historical romances, Falling In Love Again—all dressed up with a beautiful new cover—seemed the perfect time to touch base with Cathy by asking her a few questions about writing Falling In Love Again and catch up with her about future books.

Sally: Falling In Love Again is about two people who marry almost overnight and have barely spoken to each other, much less gotten to know each other. Were marriages like this common in 1806? If not, where did you get the idea for this intriguing plot?

Cathy: Arranged marriages were very common among the upper classes and so were marriages where the couple barely knew each other. I took the idea of Falling in Love Again from a story in The Regency Companion: “The oddest love story no doubt concerned a noble lord who married for convenience when he was a boy and never lived with his bride. Several years later on meeting an exquisite beauty at the theater, his somewhat improper advances to her turned out not to be so improper. She was his wife!”

How fun is that story! Fun I tried to transfer to Falling in Love Again.

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