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The “I” Poem
Written May 11, 1990
Honors English Class

I was
Barbies, Baby Blanket, and Dolls.
I liked sucking my thumb and taking ballet.
Kindness, Playfulness, and Humor were important to me.
Candy always made me happy.
I could be mean and nasty towards my baby brother.
But I would always make amends by feeding him his bottle.
I loved my pet goldfish, Spot and Speckle.
I always loved being spun fast on the tire swing.
Beatrix Potter was my favorite author.
This was me. I was!

I am
PETA, Greenpeace, and Amnesty.
I like listening to The Cure and reading new age books.
Honesty, Self-Worth, and Peace are important to me.
I like to feel that I have helped the environment.
Sometimes I hate the thought of working after school.
But, come payday, I feel my hard work has paid off.
I love being a vegetarian.
I loathe the sight of garbage on the beach.
Apartheid makes me sick to my stomach.
This is me. I am!

I will be
Pulitzer Prize, Bestsellers List, and New York Times Review.
I will like holding my baby and going to work.
Independence, Self-Recognition, and Health will be important to me.
I will raise my child to accept people for what they are inside.
My attitude toward life will be harsh.
But I only want to protect myself from the inevitable heartache.
I will love writing books about my past experiences.
I will consider running for president.
This will be me. I will be!

I’ve saved this poem because I loved writing it. I’m tempted to use the format and write an updated version of me, twenty years later.

Several new “I Am’s” are that I’m married, mother to 3 wonderful boys, and living in suburban PA. Oh, I’m no longer a vegetarian but still refrain from eating red meat.

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