On The Edge: Anthology Re-issue

On The Edge
THREE chilling stories to keep you on the edge of your seat is the front cover tag line on this reader favorite anthology re-issue. Very fitting as CARLA NEGGERS, HEATHER GRAHAM and SHARON SALA are masters of the romantic suspense genre.

SHELTER ISLAND by Carla Neggers: What better place to hide from a deranged stalker than a ramshackle cottage on a desolate coastal island? But two men have followed Dr. Antonia Winters to her refuge. One simply wants her. The other wants her dead.

BOUGAINVILLIA by Heather Graham: After twenty years, artist Kit Delaney returns to the lush Florida estate that harbors a million childhood memories. . .and a deadly legacy. Has the man she’s fallen for restored her to her birthright–or lured her to her doom?

This exciting anthology mass market re-issue is published by MIRA Books and in stores October 2011.

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