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Arranged Regency Marriage Inspires author Cathy Maxwell

Cathy Maxwell AuthorThe April re-issue of one of Cathy Maxwell’s early Regency historical romances, Falling In Love Again—all dressed up with a beautiful new cover—seemed the perfect time to touch base with Cathy by asking her a few questions about writing Falling In Love Again and catch up with her about future books.

Sally: Falling In Love Again is about two people who marry almost overnight and have barely spoken to each other, much less gotten to know each other. Were marriages like this common in 1806? If not, where did you get the idea for this intriguing plot?

Cathy: Arranged marriages were very common among the upper classes and so were marriages where the couple barely knew each other. I took the idea of Falling in Love Again from a story in The Regency Companion: “The oddest love story no doubt concerned a noble lord who married for convenience when he was a boy and never lived with his bride. Several years later on meeting an exquisite beauty at the theater, his somewhat improper advances to her turned out not to be so improper. She was his wife!”

How fun is that story! Fun I tried to transfer to Falling in Love Again.

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Falling in Love Again with Cathy Maxwell

Cathy-Maxwell-Falling-In-Love-AgainIf you don’t already love New York Times bestselling author Cathy Maxwell’s charming Regency set historical books, you will after reading her new release, Falling In Love Again.

Avon Books is re-issuing one of Cathy’s  earliest historical romance books, Falling In Love Again on Tuesday, March 29th.  The book was originally published in 1997 with a basket of flowers on a yellow cover.  Although the re-issue has a beautiful new cover, the story is just as wonderful to read today and it was when first released.  It followed on the heels of Cathy’s successful You and No Other and won many new readers for Cathy.

Here’s a little bit about Falling in Love Again:
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Phantom Evil: New Paranormal Series by Heather Graham

Heather Graham, Phantom EvilNew York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Heather Graham has written over one hundred and fifty novels and novellas including category, suspense, historical romance, vampire fiction, time travel, occult, horror, and Christmas family fare. Her works have been published in approximately twenty-five languages, with over seventy-five million books in print. Her latest work, Phantom Evil will be released in April 2011.

Phantom Evil, paranormal hardcover, carries on the paranormal series featuring Adam Harrison by introducing a team of characters with unique talents who are linked to him. This team—and the first of 4 ghost/paranormal books—are called the Krewe of Hunters.
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Down Memory Lane with Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Susan Elizabeth Phillips This night owl got up early Saturday morning and drove two hours to attend the Southwest Florida Reading Festival sponsored by the Cape Coral-Lee County Public Library in the riverside district of Fort Myers, Florida.

Parking on the top deck of a nearly full parking garage, I paused to enjoy the bright sunshine, comfortable 75 degree weather and lovely view of the Caloosahatchee River, bridges and distant ocean. Stepping out of the elevator onto a busy street and street fair atmosphere, I accepted the schedule handed to me by a library volunteer. Although Alice Hoffman, Nelson DeMille and Linda Fairstein were some authors listed on the program, I knew who I wanted to see.
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3 Tips from American Idol for Writers

As one of the many millions of viewers who watch the American Idol selection process, I think that much of the advice given by judges Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler or Jennifer Lopez to aspiring singers applies equally to writers.

Here are three tips from Season Ten:

#1 Find Your Lane.

Love this phrase, don’t you? Judges frequently counsel a singer to find his/her “lane.” From a writer’s perspective, it means write what best suits your voice, style and interest. Don’t force yourself to write in a genre that’s uncomfortable to you just because it’s currently what’s popular or you feel you’ve a better chance of making a sale. An old axiom is “write what you read.” That’s a good indicator of your “lane.” Of course, it’s not always this easy because it might–like many of the American Idol singers–take more time and experimenting before you settle into a genre or writing style that best suits you. Take a risk, don’t hold back and keep pushing yourself to experiment with your writing until you do find this lane. If you keep this wonderful phrase–Find Your Lane–foremost in your mind, it will help you to know when you’ve found it.
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booktalkWelcome to the new Booktalk website! We’ll be spending the next two weeks putting the final touches to the site, but decided to make the site live as we couldn’t wait to get started! Our new design gives us more opportunity to feature our most exciting work front and center. If you’re having trouble finding something specific, our new sitemap can also help you out.

Please let us know what you think of our new design. We’ll be adding additional content to the website over the coming weeks and would love to get your feedback.


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