Senseless by Mary Burton

Mary Burton SenselessYou can’t reason with a killer . . . How’s that for reason to read the first of two back-to-back mystery suspense thrillers from award-winning Virginia author Mary Burton. Here’s more . . .


The vicious burns scarring the victims’ flesh reveal the agony of their last moments. Each woman was branded with a star, then stabbed through the heart. With every death, a vengeful killer finds a brief, blissful moment of calm. But soon it’s time for the bloodshed to start again. . .


Ten years ago, Eva Rayburn and her sorority sisters were celebrating the end of the school year. That party turned into a nightmare Evan can’t forget. Now she’s trying to start over in her Virginia hometown, but a new nightmare has begun. Every victim is linked to her. And Detective Deacon Garrison isn’t sure whether this mysterious woman needs investigating—or protecting. .


Only Eva’s death will bring peace. Only her tortured screams will silence the rage that has been building for ten long years. Because what started that night at the sorority can never be stopped—not until the last victim has been marked for death. . .

Steig Larsson fans will find a lot to like in Burton’s taut, well-paced novel.
Publishers Weekly on Senseless

Mary Burton’s latest romantic suspense has it all—terrific plot, complex and engaging protagonists, a twisted villain, and enough crime scene detail to satisfy the most savvy suspense reader.
—Erica Spindler, New York Times bestselling author of Blood Vines

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“Did you hear about Lisa?” Eva asked.
A flicker of emotion darkened Kristen’s eyes. “It was on the news. So sad.”
“I came to talk to you about Sara Miller.”
“What about her?”
“Sara is dead, too. Killed. Murdered. I’ve seen pictures of her body.”
Color drained from Kristen’s already pale face. “Why are you telling me this?”
“I thought you might know what happened to her. Someone is killing people we know and branding them with a four-pointed star.”
Kristen lifted a brow. “Is that someone you?”
“Drugs and pain aren’t clouding my memory or thoughts. I see very clearly. The big question is am I looking at a killer?”
“Stay away from me or you’ll find out.”
Eva shook her head. “Be careful, Kristen. Two of the three girls who testified against me in college are dead.”
“Is that a threat?”
“No. I’m just pointing out a pattern to you, like when we were in college? I see a pattern and you and I are a part of it. . . .”

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